Color, Cake, Minimalism, and Other Ways to Live Your Best Life on Your Big Day

Realistically most newly engaged couples already have some idea of what they want.  Maybe they’ve had long intimate talks about it or possibly one of them has been planning this since fifth grade.  However, maybe you’re not the same idealistic person you were when you planned on marrying a teen heartthrob. It makes sense that you might have grown into a more socially conscious person, or maybe you still want a Dr. Who themed wedding as you planned for the last fifteen years.  No matter what route you want to take to deviate from the non-traditional and whatever your reasons we want to share some advice with you.

Photo provided by Mama’s Artisan Sweets

We all love beautiful spaces overflowing with gorgeous flowers and that big beautiful white cake.  No one is knocking traditional weddings. They are gorgeous and maybe you don’t even want to deviate that much.  It is important to remember that traditions can be helpful in mapping out your ceremony. So choose your battles wisely but remember this day is definitely about you as a couple. Also, you don’t have to break the bank to prove you love each other or your guests.  Perhaps big affairs are more anxiety than fun there is nothing wrong with a small intimate affair. Possibly even explore your rebellious streak and “sneak away” to a small courthouse ceremony or have a friend officiate a commitment ceremony.

Let us start simple, with working in color.  Slight deviations from tradition like dip-dyed dresses, colored ribbon accents, or bold underlayers can be just the ticket if you want a splash of color.   This way your dress is still white but still expresses your colorful personality. Maybe you want to go completely opposite and have a totally bold colored dress.  Many are just not into splurging on a dress they will only wear once. So you could definitely splurge on a dress you love and maybe even one you will wear out. Still saving money on a dress that can cost more than you want to spend.  Maybe you want your reception and dress is inspired by the jazz age, you choose a tea length dress in a smoky blue, have a jazz quartet play, and adorn everything with elegant black velvet musical notes. There are a million ways to express the feelings you want to convey. A planner can help with a design that will incorporate the elements you want to include and keep it in the budget.

Our good friends at Mama’s Artisan Sweets makes scrumptious macarons to fit tons of color schemes and patterns.

The cake is another great way to work in color or even save money. Maybe you want to center your ceremony and your cake around your favorite team, book, movie, or tv show. Themed cakes can be executed beautifully and be made with as much brilliant color as you demand.  Express your fandom and create a fun atmosphere with a comic book theme or perhaps you both love mysteries. The cake is a fabulous way to express your mutual love for all things nautical or camping. Actually, you might want to skip the cake and do something more casual like cupcakes or macarons.  Our good friends at Mama’s Artisan Sweets makes scrumptious macarons to fit tons of color schemes and patterns. This might even be appreciated by guests full of the scrumptious meal you just served as they can snag a take-home morsel more easily. Also creating less waste for the economic or socially conscious bride

Photo provided by Mama’s Artisan Sweets

Another option is a more traditional but minimalist or green wedding.  For those among us who are trying to be more aware of our environmental impact and create less waste.  Options for this maybe just making sure your wedding size is small or keeping as much of your decor compostable and reusable.  So maybe do a small wedding brunch reception following your elopement-style ceremony. Making sure of course to use real silver and lots of compostable greenery. A gorgeous succulent bouquet that can be replanted in a living keepsake is another favorite. Even just asking for plants and contributions to your honeymoon fund can be waste saving options. These create wonderful cherished moments with family and close friends while keeping cost and carbon footprint low.

Start with deciding what is most important to you as a couple

 Maybe money is no object or possibly you are on a very tight budget.  Either way, the important thing to remember is your wedding is just that YOUR wedding, to a person you want to share your life with.  It should definitely be a wonderful event that reflects you as a couple and the love you want to share with family and friends. Therefore we would start with deciding what is most important to you as a couple. After that, you can literally eliminate what’s not important, and keep your focus and money on the things you ranked highest on the list.  

A big thanks to Mama’s Artisan Sweets for providing some delightful photos to us!