Vendor Shoutouts Series #1: Unique Guest Book Ideas

Portraits at Parties

One of the often overlooked items at the wedding is the Guest Book.  The idea we need to sign in and show we were there might seem outdated to some but Guest Books really do make wonderful keepsakes.  Often they are full of useful advice and serve as a reminder of loved ones who gathered to honor your special day.

Our new friend Karlee Patton runs Portraits at Parties.  This wonderful take on the Guest Book includes live portrait drawing at your event and a keepsake Guest Book full of really adorable line drawings of your friends and family and includes their helpful advice for your marriage.  This all comes at a very good price for the service. This is a perfect way to modernize your guest book and make it unique. It is also a great way to involve your guests and commemorate the wisdom they will undoubtedly be passing on to you. The level of engagement with your guests is sure to make everyone excited to sign your unique Guest Book!